Concrete Repairing Material

Concrete repair is the process of fixing a hardened concrete surface that over time has lost the ability to hold the binding concrete materials together due to damage or environmental exposure. Concrete repair is appropriate for cracks, physical impacts, chipped out surfaces or surface scaling.

There are various ways to repair a concrete surface, which require some specific procedural steps, such as:

  • Clean the concrete surface to ensure that no loose material such as chipped out concrete flakes or granules, oil, grease or dirt exist. A chisel or a sledgehammer can be used if required.
  • Use a bristle brush and broom to clean and scrub the area to be repaired.
  • Flush the area with water to ensure no loose material is left behind.
  • Use one of the various cement repair solutions available in the market such as a vinyl-patching compound that can be mixed with water or any sort of bonding agent. Usually a bonding agent is preferred.
  • Trowel the mixture into the cracks and broken areas, and tap properly to remove air gaps. Level the surface and make it smooth.
  • Allow the surface to dry.